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Conquest Vehicles Evade

Evade is the first unarmored luxury SUV from Conquest Vehicles. Different in many ways from the Knight XV, the sport utility vehicle is still a real stunne

What’s it like to drive a $700,000 armoured car? The (Made-in Canada) CONQUEST KNIGHT XV | SCG VIRALS It’s called the Conquest Knight XV and it’s as badass as it gets for an armoured luxury vehicle. There are only 17 of its kind in the world, sold to the likes of those who can afford it – like Middle Eastern royalty – and a basketball star. It’s twice as heavy as a Hummer, can stop a bullet from an AK-47 – and it’s made by hand in Toronto, Canada...

This awesome Knight XV is twice as heavy as a hummer and can handle rounds from an

My zombie apocolypse ride!: Vehicles Apocalypse, Army Vehicle, Zombie Vehicle, Armored Vehicles, Zombie Apocalypse, Military Stuff Vehicles

My zombie apocolypse ride! Ok this isn't a Jeep but itz in the same badass category!

miltary hummer | Hummer Ultimate Fighter Armoured Military Vehicle RTR RC Electric ...

miltary hummer | Hummer Ultimate Fighter Armoured Military Vehicle RTR RC Electric ...

【動画あり】こんなVW ワーゲンバス見たことない!?993用ツインターボを搭載した“レースタクシー”

Dubbed the Race Taxi, this bus features the air-cooled flat-six from a Porsche Coachbuilder Fred Bernhard also used 993 steering and brakes for the project, while the transmission comes from a 911

zombie trucks - Bing Images

These 25 modified vehicles are ready for the apocalypse. If the zombie apocalypse begins, you'll want these 25 vehicles on your side.


【SEMA2017】1972年型AMC「ジャヴェリン AMX」に1,000馬力のヘルキャットV8エンジンを搭載!

The Audi Crosslane Coupe Concept is all about the Coupe, so say Audi, even though it looks like it could quite easily conquer the moon.