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nightmare-bruce: “ atarimonkey: “ Some ideas for some pixel people I did a few weeks ago. Maybe I should break out of the pixel prison and try some more detailed stuff.


MMORPG「BLESS」 防具のコンセプト公開。リアリティとファンタジーを考慮したデザインに

Bless – New article focuses on armour and costume designs philosophy

Little Dose of Inspiration

m Ranger urban w hawk village Artist: Yang Mansik aka - Title: Unknown - Card: Discio, Kage Leader

Long lost fraternal twin of Wynn Phyra, Leo Phyra

devil may cry, vergil, and dmc Bild - Mizuki Short Hair version idea

✧ #characterconcepts ✧ Ragnadarm- Shining Force EXA

Shining Force EXA art gallery containing characters, concept art, and promotional pictures.

Battle Boss Blitzcrank R Lightning by JasonKeyser

Battle Boss Blitzcrank R Lightning by JasonKeyser

woman, woo kyungzin on ArtStation at

f Cleric woman, woo kyungzin


BlazBlue - Bullet Turn Around

Vindictus Artwork // By Unknown

Drifter by Rollingman

Character Concept Voting for February 2015 - Polycount Forum

Cord Sullivan by GerryArthur

Cord Sullivan by GerryArthur ranger archer fighter hunter bow arrows leather padded armour

mirror war robber

f Rogue Arcane Trickster Leather Dagger casting midlvl mirror war robber

General Gudin, condecorado por seus feitos na Índia durante as invasões britânicas

King Lin of Maximillion

Photos et vidéos de あずき (@azuki_taste) | Twitter

Photos et vidéos de あずき (

Art of Magnus Norén

Shaolin Monk, Magnus Norén on ArtStation.