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Created directly by Polke : format photocopied and manipulated individually, pulled from the machine by the hand

by Étienne-Jules Marey

likeafieldmouse: “ Étienne-Jules Marey “Like his contemporary Eadweard Muybridge, Marey, a physiologist, was interested in the science of human movement. By he had developed a single camera.

Sigmar Polke | lot | Sotheby's

blastedheath: Sigmar Polke (German, Untitled, Interference colour and dispersion on paper, × cm.

Jackson  Pollock - Enchanted Forest, 1947 -  Oil on canvas, 221.3 x 114.6 cm /  In Enchanted Forest Pollock opens up the more dense construction of layered color found in works such as Alchemy by allowing large areas of white to breathe amidst the network of moving, expanding line. He also reduces his palette to a restrained selection of gold, black, red, and white.

Jackson Pollock Enchanted Forest, Oil on canvas, x cm. Peggy Guggenheim Collection – Siqueiros was a major influence on Jackson Pollock. I chose to add it to this board because it shows another example of expressive paint application.

Sigmar Polke. Untitled. 2002 Don´t know what stuff from him should share first...Just incredible LSD stuff

2002 Don´t know what stuff from him should share first.Just incredible LSD stuff