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76d9330bdc2dc53c98b8dfb0ada1b53f.jpg 373×360 pixels

76d9330bdc2dc53c98b8dfb0ada1b53f.jpg 373×360 pixels

Our Favorite Accessory of Miss Ellie the Yorkie Pup! Photo by Jennifer Bearden

Love Yorkies! Adorable!!!!!!!!! <>

I love Yorkies!

Need to get cocos hair to this length as an adult

Very pretty girl!

Looks like Miss Rogue...not her, but looks a lot like her.

Looks a lot like my sweet Kipper that I had to put down on Jan She was a great dog and lived with me for years!

504cb0d700b442ea56c79b810796cd60.jpg 349×495 pixels

Cute Pretty Yorkshire Terrier Puppy This is my Yorkies face


Basket full of happy happy happy!

This pinner says: My sister's teacup Yorkie. His name is Gambit, but I call him…

Oh my God ! My heart is in pain because I remember my original "Puppy" !

Aww! My heart just melt every time I see a picture like this

My heart just melt every time I see a picture like this: Puppies Yorkie, Yorkie Haircut, Yorkshire Terrier, Baby Yorkie, Dog Haircut