photo art to remind you that you were not meant to....ooops .... that you are not going to eat that extra cupcake .....i need this funny pin for thre fridge of those desparately trying to get back into their summer shorts ....cheer up it will soon be winter and we can all hide our extra cupcake layers under our woolies again .

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Adolfo Félix, Rubén Encinas and Ernesto Tánory

Experimental photography and illustration work by Adolfo Félix, Rubén Encinas and Ernesto Tánory via Behance it reminds me of the art work for the album discloser

Why are we the food police when it comes to what people can and can't eat? Why do we expect all women to look the same?

I really like this image and how the writing/text is stuck/moulded to her face in the photograph. I also like the message this image portrays and the effect it will have on people. The dark/dull colours also relate to the scene from the image.

Rebel children, I urge you, fight the turgid slick of conformity with which they seek to smother your glory. ~ Russell Brand

Child abuse satire essay on obesity Report Abuse Home > Opinion > Discrimination > Satirical Proposal Satirical Proposal. Obesity isn't just a normal.

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North Korean propaganda

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