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A 1963 photograph by Ugo Mulas showing the artist Alexander Calder with his works ‘Edgar Varese’ & ‘Untitled,’ Sache, France- one of my all-time favorite artists!

Paz alambre par Casa Decor en Driftwood mixta Afro Americano

Family Portrait Wire Sculpture - Ocean Living Decor - Wire and Driftwood Mixed Media Art

❝ Una máquina de Rube Goldberg para narrar una historia (Vídeo) ❞ ↪ Vía: Entretenimiento y Noticias de Tecnología en proZesa

A Red Ball Finds Acorns and Danger in an Exciting Musical Story Told With a Rube Goldberg Machine


Champagne cap chairs, as I am a dollhouse fan without a dollhouse.but do have the odd bottle of bubbly in the house.I think I am going to have to make these, must put champagne on the shopping list 'crafty things to buy'