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Who wants Baekhyun's invisible violin?

Diva level : byun baekhyun You can go with Taeyeon now sweetheart :p

12.05.15 Leaving Choi Hwajung's Power Time (Cr: baekpercent: baekpercent.net)

12.05.15 Leaving Choi Hwajung's Power Time (Cr: baekpercent: baekpercent.net)

Lee Min Ho | The Heirs ♡ #KDrama #FUNNY

K-drama meme, humour and parody to brighten your day. We troll the drama coz we love it.

omo that's so fucking true xddd

♥ So True Kpop Meme ♥ that would be Charlie and me if we we're in a big City 😂💖

Except that he was 11minutes late for Sehun's birthday.  EXO Chanyeol

Except that Chanyeol was 6 minutes late but in Sehun 's world 11 minutes had…

Wise words from Kris :3 #Kris #EXO #EXO-M

you want me to eat everything i want? kekekekeke *D.O satan face* okay i will eat you kekeeke Any way this i waaaaaaaaay too cute

Lol. xDDD Oh Chen....yes, I am just holding a gun for fun, and I am totally not going to kill any person who is not an EXOtic...why would I do that?! XD

Words of wisdom

Nooooo, if I'm holding a gun, I would be sooooooo happy. Cuz if I had a gun, I'd be able to kill the b*tch that made me angry in the first place…. so yeah. I wouldn't be mad if I had a gun……….

True story! Hahaa  Is anyone upset about EXO's comeback is not today??

Sooo true lol haters gonna hate but I don't have a f**k to give cuz I loooove kpop ❤️

KPOP | all the time

Perfect expression to match that response xD 🤣, sooo trying that next time someone dares to freakin interrupt my precious sleep time

Chanyeol is probably disappointed in Baekhyun. he probably gonna confess his love for him, until YODA.

jingyeolbaeks: “ chanyeol’s not putting up with your shit today baekhyun… ”