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Real Supernatural closed captions. The people who caption SPN must also be fans… (not my caption)

My favorite is "Dean randomly dies in shower" XD

I wonder if this was an inside joke?

Fun fact: I totally begged for this necklace when I was Never saw the movie, but thought it was just the prettiest thing in the world.

meanwhile Misha Collins at the SPN Conventions LOL oohh Misha you're so adorkable ^_^ <3 #Supernatural

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Misha has a very good point. which kind of scares me.<<< Said men might want to watch the show first though, I'm willing to bet most of us can smell bullshit from a mile away

The unknown is scarier than the known

The unknown is scarier than the known

Oh god, but it's horrible at the same time cause Sam's soul was such a heavy burden...

I didn't think of it as leg... internet has ruined me

Funny pictures about Sam's hand print. Oh, and cool pics about Sam's hand print. Also, Sam's hand print.

Jensen Ackles, Supernatural, Occult

You don't understand I need pie  Cas

That poor kid.

The song of our people | Supernatural

And now mother is looking at me funnily for shouting "NYAAFWOOP" in the middle of our living room for no apparent reason.>>>>>>Wait I thought our theme song was Carry on my wayward son

And then there's Misha...

i went from drooling to laughing so hard in seconds . God damn it, Misha XD


This is the most amazing thing to ever grace this board, it's not even easter but I don't care.

supernatural humor funny tumblr dying laughing!!!!!

Funny as hell, then MISHA! OMGs, I hurt myself laughing at that last image.<< Jensen used to be a cheerleader too

YES!! Kripke you owe us after all the senseless pain you put us through, so listen to this suggestion!!

) Lol this is funny but I truly think the show should end with sam and dean dying yes I know that would be sad but common are they really gonna move on and have kids and die from a heart attack or somthing? Ah hell no! But destiel has to becom cannon

I miss Kevin.<<I absolutely LOVE Dean and his pop culture references! it makes my day

Yeah, 'cause you're a crappy shot

Dean: What the hell? Kevin: Dean, you're alive. Dean: Yeah, because you're a crappy shot.

Hahaha I don't ship destiel but this is still funny.

Supernatural "I'm No Angel" Humor [Lol]

Theo and his brother Vincent on the left, I can see it.

Theo Theodoridis