25 Ideias para Decorar um Quintal Pequeno - Cores da Casa

Brilliant use of cactus as art. Mexican fence post cactus (Pachycereus marginatus) clustered and staggered along a courtyard wall.

Assorted succulents for tables

Succulent Echeveria variety guide Basically all of these minus most of the top row for bouquets and centerpieces

This succulent tapestry at Sherman Gardens is gorgeous! I love all the colors!

Sherman Gardens Succulent Tapestry and Courtyard

You'll love this beautiful succulent tapestry at the Sherman Library Gardens. Plus, show you love (or addiction) for succulents with this cute iPhone case!

The color Purple....

The color Purple....

Winter container with Ornamental Cabbage. Put a Redbor Kale in the middle and have an edible AND beautiful planter. In OR where I live, these would last through most of the winter.

How to grow moss on anything. This is beautiful....

Moss gives any garden a sense of age and weight. To grow moss requires giving it the right growing conditions and patience while it gets established.

make your own moss

Gardening tips… how to grow your own moss. This is what I need to do on the pathway in the fairy garden I want to make!

Conophytum ernstii

Conophytum ernstii - Conophytum is a genus of South African and Namibian succulent plants that belong to the Aizoaceae family.

OP wrote: picture frame succulent planter {vertical planters for salad greens & herbs, too}

10 DIY Awesome and Interesting Ideas For Great Gardens 6

nice idea to screw the wood into the frame, don't need a custom size shadow box. with narrower mesh could avoid the grass stuff. picture frame succulent planter {vertical planters for salad greens & herbs, too}

Flor de órgano

Mike & I will drive here, to see these cactus blooms: Saguaro National Park, Tucson, Arizona