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RT Y'all talking about going to off sick like it's a standard occurrence meanwhile international fans sitting here pressed as fuk

160728「Hanako」No.1115 issue official App preview #Shinee #Taemin

issue (scan by 贝贝no貝貝) love his outfit, I would wear it

This is now one of my favourite pics of him. Why the hell haven't I found this before?!

160119 official SHINee Vyrl page update Cosmopolitan Korea February Issue

gif, koreanboy, and kpop image

I hate that this used to be labelled as "Korean boy". If you don't know who it is why tf are you saving it?

reference, photo, man, pose, Taemin

Those moments when you feel something for Taemin

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힐링태민💖 ᵒᶠᶠ ̶ˢ̶ᶤ̶ᶜ̶ᵏ on

160806 - SHINee Vyrl update with Taemin: Music Core ~ Goodbye Special Stage

Excuse you Lee Taemin! How about you don't do that

Excuse you Lee Taemin! How dare you look so cute when you wink!