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buffalo-divine-eden-no7:  Kawanabe Kyosai

塗仏 (Nuribotoke) Nuribotoke is an animated corpse with darkened skin and dangling eyeballs. They are portrayed as similar in appearance to the Buddha but with largely bloated stomachs and occasionally having a catfish’s tail. They are believed to have.

Act 9 from "Bakemono Chushingura" series, ca. 1839-1842 by Utagawa Kuniyoshi || This series portrays monsters enacting the play "Kanadehon Chushingura", a classic story about 47 Ronin

Act 9 from "Bakemono Chushingura" series, ca. by Utagawa Kuniyoshi…


"The Demon," Arts and Crafts Period Wallpaper by British Architect Charles Frances Annesley Voysey,


源頼光 対 酒呑童子 Minamoto Yorimitsu and the monster Shuten-doji, 1829 by Katsukawa Shuntei

Ашинагатенага (Ashinagatenaga) Strange Japanese gods and demons.

The rivers and lakes of Japan are have long been the haunts of a wide variety of strange creatures of all shapes and sizes. Although many of these have been regulated to the realm of pure folklore and myth, there are others that have transcended beyond mere legend and become thought of as something more cryptozoological in nature. One of the most well known of these is a mysterious, bipedal water dwelling creature known as the Kappa, which has skyrocketed past its origins as local folklore…

Kappa by Yuko Shimizu. This Yokai lives in the ponds and lakes. The Kappa seem to be very mischievous and like to wrestle people underwater.

Toshidama Gallery:Kyosai, Two Battling Warriors Detail | Flickr: Intercambio de fotos

河鍋 暁斎 (Kawanabe Kyōsai, Two Battling Warriors (detail), Toshidama Gallery, Somerset