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You are sixteen, going on seventeen...

Sixteen Going on Seventeen- Sound of Music. One of the greatest scenes in movie history.

Rolfe kisses Liesl in Sixteen Going On Seventeen in The Sound of Music 1965

Charmian Carr (Liesl) and Daniel Truhitte (Rolfe) - The Sound of Music directed by Robert Wise

Sound of Music Gazebo - Salzburg Austria. I actually sang and leaped from bench to bench. What a dream!

Sound of Music Gazebo - Salzburg Austria. They had to close it to the public after an elderly woman fell while dancing from bench to bench singing & am sixteen going on seventeen.

"I am sixteen going on seventeen" in The Sound of Music

One of my favorite part of Sound of Music "Sixteen going on Seventeen"

I have Confidence in Me!  Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music, 1965

How Well Do You Remember The Sound Of Music?

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