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Bracelet made of dentures

Bracelet made of dentures [2 pictures]

Bracelet made of dentures. I like to keep grandma's memory close to my heart

Denture Bracelet

Feeling as though our posts lately haven't quite been odd enough to live up to our name, I present to you the dentures bracelet. The dentures bracelet is a bracelet of teeth that you wear around your .

Attention all Tooth Fairy candidates & Dentist, we have a cupcake only a sweet tooth would love.   We found a fabulous tutorial that shows step by step photos on how to make a molar tooth shaped cupcake.  Are you ready for this?  With Sweet Tooth‘s dental school training, she was beyond inspired to create these.  …

How to make Tooth Shaped Cupcakes

These tooth cupcakes blend baking and dentistry in a delicious way. What makes them even more special is that their creator, Erica of EricaSweetTooth, is in dental school. The tooth cusps are made of molded cake balls topped in homemade marshmallow fonda

Stainless steel dentures!

STAINLESS CHOPPERS STEELY SMILE of John Gilpin, village blacksmith of Livingston, Mont., is really friendly although strangers are sometimes awed by it. Gilpin broke a set of store teeth 16 years ago, replaced them with rugged stainless steel.

Foot Guards - geniale Idee für alle deren Charakter eigentlich Barfuß laufen soll, das Gelände das aber nicht zulässt.

leather foot guards (interesting) To protect the soles of the feet, but allow the toes out to climb. I think if I wasn't allowed to go barefoot, I would were these all the time.

toes gone wrong? Bonus toenail!

Wow, check out the second toe in the top picture. Medical humor – Tribute to the crazy medical world