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We have about 14 hours before Calle's scan tomorrow....please, pray for our sweet little girl....God bless us with a miracle through Your goodness and your strength.  Give us the gift of this blessed child.    Prayer warriors, please pray with us through these frightening hours.... love, Kate

Nancy Noel likes painting children as angels. These paintings are awesome. Tender portraits of Amish children, angels and pets have made Noel very popular.

Stone Angel

The angels can be thought of as our prayer partners. Prayer links our souls, minds, and hearts up to the ultimate source of love and abundance in the Universe.


Art by Anne Stokes (Ironshod) Angel Fantasy Myth Mythical Mystical Legend Wings Feathers Faith Valkyrie Odin God Norse Death Dark Light Engel d'ange di angelo de Ángel Ангел anděl wróżka de anjo angyal

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A garden is a mirror of the heart. "Everyday is a new beginning, take a deep breath and start again.

vintage angels

The face of an angel is the face of God. With the angels in our consciousness our faces show love, understanding, and caring--the only way to radiate true beauty.

As punishment for her mistakes, the angel was turned to stone for 1,000 years.

Angel Holding The Sun. Most people see a lovely picture of a statue. I see a weeping angel trying to blot out the sun and kill us all.

Your body is not the real you. It's just the physical house you live in. The real you is your spirit, which will live on forever..

The paintings of Mary Baxter St Clair take you into a magical world of fairies, angels, pixies, and wide-eyed children.

Nancy Noel's "Angels"

Nancy A. Noel "Art heals, informs, transforms and inspires. Nancy Noel, a philanthropist and painter, is also a visionary. She captu.

Erato, the Muse of Poetry by Edward John Poynter 1879

Erato, Muse of Poetry by Sir Edward John Poynter, 1870 Have you ever thought about what drives you to write? In Greek mythology, the Mu.