how much do I love linen?

sveta dresher-pipsqueak chapeau-a beautiful collection of handmade clothes

QUARTERLYリトアニアリネン ジュウドウパンツ

【QUARTERLY】リトアニアリネン ジュウドウパンツ|journal standard luxe(ジャーナルスタンダード ラックス)公式のファッション通販|【16030440900430】- BAYCREW’S STORE

luv the the soft blue and the cross back

PIP-SQUEAK CHAPEAU ETC.- just accepting oversized-ness , using the straps to pull it in, I wonder how effective this is in practice?

Depuis peu, j'initie une rubrique mode sur le blog, au gré des tendances qui me plaisent. En ce moment, je ne jure que par le lin. Il f...

70 inspirations tendance lin

Les Armoires Vides Uzes another love. think I should have called this this file clothes to feel comfy in

Simple & Sweet...I think it would look more comfortable if done in a different fabric...anything but jersey...

Pinafore Style Linen Ruffle Dress Bayou Boho Biscuit colored Linen - from Etsy

handmade geisha brown heavy linen haori inspired jacketby annyschooecoclothing

Brown linen jacket haori inspired with geisha panel by annyschoo

handmade geisha brown heavy linen haori jacket by annyschooecoclothing