Little boy halloween costume ideas

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Cute kids in cool costumes! Ok, Clockwork Orange for a costume.but for a kid?

I'd glue the cards instead of stapling, but this would be a fairly simple make for  a Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland) cosplay. cosplay

Queen of Hearts - Create a card corset, paired with a slim dress underneath or even a tu-tu. Pan: I see your Duct tape corset and Card Dress and raise you a Card Corset. omg I now know what I'm being for halloween.

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18 awesome Girls Who Skipped Princess Costumes <---- I would like to say that dressing up as a princess isn't a bad thing, but these costumes are really cool.

He is Genius for the Halloween

Funny pictures about Clever costume for Halloween. Oh, and cool pics about Clever costume for Halloween. Also, Clever costume for Halloween.

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