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35 Of The Best Architecture Tattoos Or How To Have Your World On A Sleeve - by Grandmaster Thieves of Tower

Dark Castle Tattoo

thatattoozone: “ Dmitriy Tkach ” I’d build me a castle, with dragons and kings -the Diamond

Liquor and Love Lost

Mucha tattoo by Alice Kendall @ Wonderland Tattoo Portland, OR. Day times/ night I love the colours in this! And being a bit of an art nerd too, I appreciate the Mucha incorporation ^_^

classic tattoo, vintage, oldine blackkkkk castle,서엉

Regardless to mention, Castles have been around since many centuries. Although, the castle tattoos are not that mainstream, however, they have been in fashion .

This piece embodies the full wickedness of the season....through the ages. Thanks so much Tina!

San Francisco & Los Angeles custom tattoo shop specializing in geometric, blackwork and dotwork tattoos. Featuring renowned geometric artists Roxx and Cats.

Des tatouages pour les enfants malades : une idée en or !

Ces enfants hospitalisés viennent d’être tatoués… et n’en sont pas peu fiers ! Une idée géniale.

If tattoos can make a person tough, then patients at the Starship Children's Hospital in New Zealand might just be the toughest kids around.

Castles by @thievesoftower based in Greensboro, North Carolina / starting guest spots in San Francisco - 2spirit Tattoo

The duo of tattoo artists Thieves of Tower has many impressive blackwork castle tattoos in his portfolio.

by Thieves of Tower (name given to the partnership and collaboration of Houston Patton and Dagny Fox)

Thieves of Tower was the name given to the collaboration betwen Houston Patton and Dagny Fox. Houston has established himslef in many ways as an artist.