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When did Kermit become such a bad ass?

When did Kermit become such a bad ass?


You must both wield and utilize your emotions to make you strong, but not let them blind you in a fight to reason and logic.

Chance                                                       …

MLM Hot Topic: Success

Chances of success depend on your attitude. From "I won't" at to "I did" at Choose your attitude. weigh your chances.

Basics of Kendo informational poster. All Vector Art Typeface: Baskerville Regular EDIT: Uploaded version 2 of this poster to add clarity to the target . The Basics of Kendo

Whatcha thinkin' about?

Martial Arts Humor

Thinkin about taking BJJ classes? Call us and get your first 30 days

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NAGA is about a month away! Hats off to our students who are training for it!

Don't fear the man who does 1000 techniques.Fear the man who does 1 technique 1000 times.Ah martial arts. *cough*rhonda*cough* (LOVE THAT WOMAN!