I thought he was "too petty and good looking to be cast as Four."  I admit that I was wrong, and I take that back. brace yourself- my new obsession. Theo James

Theo James Divergent Movie - Young Celebrities

Theo James isn't just another "good looking guy" castes in a movie, who will be replaced by the next "good looking guy" in a movie. He is someone who will always be that one guy I remeber. Theo James is always going to be my number one always♥️

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I literally would be unable to properly speak. Sounds would come out though.

Theo James is in it. | 29 Extremely Important Reasons To Go See "Divergent"

29 Extremely Important Reasons To Go See “Divergent” I'll give you a hint . Theo James is in it

Omfg his teeth smile

Being born Theodore Peter James Kenneth Taptiklis proves there are not enough names to contain his sexiness. Theo James May Actually Be A Mythological God

Theo James on Cologne, Hydration, and Staying in Shape: The Daily Details: Blog : Details

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15 Emotions You Feel When Your Friends Graduate Before You | Her Campus

15 Emotions You Feel When Your Friends Graduate Before You

Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey

Ok Hi I am makailee I just finished divergent not even 10  minutes ago I cried and now I am starting to read insurgent

New "Divergent" Poster Continues Long Tradition Of Gratuitous Butt Poses

Shailene Woodley & Theo James: New 'Divergent' Poster!: Photo Check out this brand new poster for the highly anticipated movie Divergent featuring Shailene Woodley and Theo James. New character posters were also released…