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Young woman saddened by boyfriend's refusal to move relationship towards marriage

Cosmo mag called out.

Cosmo Used Black Models for Trends That Should "Die" — And Revealed a Huge Problem. Why so much hatred?

5 Things You Need to Know If Your Partner Has Anxiety

What You Need to Know If Your Partner Has Anxiety (And How to Help)

If you& never had anxiety, you may not understand what people who do suffer from it go through. Here are 5 things to know if your partner has anxiety.

Conferencia sobre la defensa del medio ambiente desde la mirada del Buen Vivir

For months, indigenous women in Guatemala have been protesting against a tough foe: biotech giant Monsanto.

Diary of a Young Dating Minister: She MUST be Crazy!

If you want to make someone who defends our current bloated vaccine schedule and believes the science proves vaccines don't cause autism go bonkers, just mention unvaccinated kids.

منذ حوالي 5 سنوات سمعت تلك الجملة التي لم أنسها قط من مديري المباشر في العمل «لا تدع أحدًا يمنعك عن أداء عملك، لأنه يسلبك حقك ولو كان فيه راحة لك. ولا تدع أحدًا يستهين بعملك أو يقلل من شأنه فكأنه يستهين بك شخصيًا، ولكن اسمع لكل كلمة نقد بنّاء فهي هدية لك لتكون أكثر

You want to be a successful entrepreneur, marketer, businessperson. And you wish it could be easier.

Breast Pump Hackathon

At the Make the Breast Pump Not Suck! hackathon at M., volunteer teams attempted to develop a better pump for new mothers.

Stark Infographics Show Just How Blindingly White and Male America's Elected Officials Are - Mic

Congress' Race & Gender Statistics Are Startling, Because Government Remains A White Man's Game

Top 3 Date Spots in the DMV

Top 3 Date Spots in the DMV