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I'm NOT Trying to Have It All "But what happens when a guy shows up at his doctor's office with ulcers and other obviously stress-related symptoms? Do you think his doctor tells him it's from the stress of trying to be a good dad? Of course not. What about my being a woman means that my work simply can't be that serious?"

Don’t Call Me a “Working Mom”

Not all women are trying to have it all — some run wildly successful businesses and just happen to be moms.

Dear Rebecca Watson who wants to keep talking about herself

Why should vlogger Rebecca Watson stop talking about harassment? Does it hurt your ears?

Double standards

Double standards

Imagine how socially unacceptable the character of 007 would be if it were a female agent, for sleeping with a different man in every movie. Also, if she slept with at least the good hguy and the bad guy, as Bond usually does in his movies.

This is a primary blog with ideas for teaching grades kindergarten, first, second and third grade.

Put a fork in me...I'm done!

Drawers under guided reading table. Label the drawers with the names of the various groups and store the group members' homework, observations you've noted, etc. THIS IS WHY I NEED A KIDNEY TABLE!

These 8 Characters Are Definitely Going To Die

View "These 8 Characters Are Definitely Going To Die" and more funny posts on Dorkly

Cosmo Used Black Models for Trends That Should "Die" — And Revealed a Huge Problem

STOP supporting businesses that don't support you! ‪ IS & ALWAYS has been beautiful & emulated! (No shade to my "other" sistas) ‪ ‪

Conferencia sobre la defensa del medio ambiente desde la mirada del Buen Vivir

For months, indigenous women in Guatemala have been protesting against a tough foe: biotech giant Monsanto.

15 Truths You’ll Have to Accept If Your Partner Is “The One” https://www.powerofpositivity.com/truths-accept-if-your-partner-is-the-one/

15 Truths You'll Have to Accept If Your Partner Is "The One"

You have been seeing your mate for a while now, and the honeymoon period is well over. Here are 15 truths you'll have to accept if your partner is "the one".

5 easy ways to know your relationship is meant to last

How Do You Know Your Relationship Will Last?

5 easy ways to know your relationship is meant to last. Actually some really cute, unique advice :)

I've heard the latest Barbie product, a book where Barbie finally gets into computer science. Great, right? Well..... no. Barbie actually relies on the boys to do the coding and to save her when she infects the computer with viruses. I enjoyed this version posted by two real programmers.

Two Real Programmers Fix This Sexist Barbie Computer Engineering Book

The Internet Has a Perfect Response to the Barbie Programming Book Sexism

Blogging for Introverts: How to promote yourself when you just want to crawl into a cave

How to Overcome the Fears of Blogging

Blogging for Introverts: How to promote yourself when you just want to crawl into a cave