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Bees and flowers communicate using electrical fields, researchers discover | Feb 21, 2013 | To their surprise, the researchers discovered that bumblebees can detect and distinguish between different floral electric fields. Also, when bees are given a learning test, they are faster at learning the difference between two colours when electric signals are also available.  Photo: Annemarie Mountz

Bees and flowers communicate using electrical fields, researchers discover

Bees and Flowers Communicate Using Electrical Fields    Flowers' methods of communicating are at least as sophisticated as any devised by an advertising agency, according to a new study, published today in Science Express by researchers from the University of Bristol. However, for any advert to be successful, it has to reach, and be perceived by, its target audience. The research shows for the first time that bees are able to find and distinguish electric signals given out by flowers.

Bees and flowers communicate using electrical fields, researchers discover

This tree is a healing tree and was discovered by a lady who could see energy in the front yard near this tree. She was so amazed by its bright energetic light and the fact she could actually see a giant field of 'energy' emanating from the tree. The tree communicated to her it takes negative energy from the area around it and transmutes it through its trunk and roots, back into Mother Earth for cleansing. Located in San Gabriel, California.

Light-Bearing (Healing) Tree This tree is a special type of healing tree.

Bioelectromagnetics: Bees & Flowers Communicate Using Electrical Fields, Scientists Find

Tens of millions of Florida bees mysteriously drop dead in one day, beekeepers blame pesticides