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Rosemary topiary--beautiful to look at, delightful to eat.

Creating a Simple Rosemary Topiary

Rosemary Topiary Tutorial - how to plant, prune & stake a plant. I don't normally like topiary, but this we should do.

Rooting Rosemary in Water | Mad About Herbs

Rooting Rosemary in Water. We love Rosemary in bread, on potatoes in chicken and beef dishes and in stews. We even love people named Rosemary!

DIY Rosemary Topiaries & Tips for saving $ City Farmhouse

DIY Rosemary Topiaries-Tutorial & Tips For Growing Your Own

DIY Rosemary Topiaries-City Farmhouse Feature: could do with our rosemary plants?

How to make a Rosemary Topiary

How to Make a Rosemary Topiary, by Whitney Curtis

How to Make a Rosemary Topiary, by Whitney of The Curtis Casa - Gardening Guru. we could make a bunch of these and use them as gifts at the wedding.

thegardeningclan | Want to plant lavender in the bedroom for aesthetics and air purification.

Indoor Lavender plants MUST be placed in a southern facing window. Lavender is commonly grown outdoors, and it usually doesn’t do well as a houseplant because it doesn’t receive adequate sunlight. Stick it in a window will full sun and… Continue Reading →

ROSEMARY TOPIARY. How marvellous is this ginormous rosemary standard and how very stylish? I have a feeling I have posted this before but I just love it so much I am doing it again. I have started my own rosemary standards in little terra-cotta pots (only 30cm at the moment) and I am hoping that one day they will grow up and look like this example which must be a least 2m high in the pot. Garden goals!! Many years ago I was advised  by my stylish garden guru that standard plants must either…

Rosemary Topiary -Rosemary is the easiest to grow and it grows quickly, so if you're looking to add topiaries to your garden or porch, this is the best plant to choose! It's also easy to propagate, so in a short time you can have a lot of plants!

Eye For Design: Decorating With Topiary.....For Your Home And Gardens

GARDEN: Topiary - Create a Formal Topiary: How to maintain a Simple Pyramidal Shape.

Horsetail and creeping jenny - very compatible, they both like it wet. This kind of plant combination is fairly easy to maintain because it doesn't need a drain hole in pot, you can fill it with many days worth of water, even in hot weather.

Homemade glass terrarium is a great way to display your favourite plants indoors | The best interior DIY projects | Go to http://www.redonline.co.uk for more decorating hacks like this.

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