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These colorized monochrome photos will change the way you imagine the past. Since we live and remember in color, a black-and-white image seems almost of another world. Through the process of colorization, that world becomes more familiar, easier to imagine, and easier to connect to.

These colorized monochrome photos will change the way you imagine the past…

True words; applies to any art making process/medium.....Ansel Adams

- Ansel Easton Adams (February 1902 – April was an American photographer and environmentalist.


your interests, friends, music you’re into, and so forth. I’ll give you 5 easy DIY photo projects to turn your drab dorm decor into something both you AND your roommate can show off to friends that’ll […]

Inspiring Interiors : layers of grey — The Decorista

Inspiring Interiors : layers of grey

Eclectic gallery wall inspiration featuring vintage and modern prints and small artwork in mostly neutral colors - Art Wall Decor

Love these shades! www.30Fifteen.co.uk 30Fifteen | Tennis | Fitness | Health | Grey

10 Beautiful Rooms

PANTONE Color of the Year 2014 - Radiant Orchid palette. Not my usual color scheme but I'm really into it for this spring/summer!

55 Cool Inspiration Walls..Hmmmm mostly cluttered if you ask me. But I do like this one. Now if somebody just encluded all the kids in pictures I might be able to do a grand kid wall.

hallway to our bedroom when we put in track lighting? Black and white photograph display black frames white mattes fill a blank wall with family photos to display them instead of putting them in a photo album that no one is going to look at

Romance in the city...Tommie, this is for you and Paul. #couple #photography #blackandwhite

Time stops for this romantic wedding kiss, photo by Belathe Photography sexy-wedding-photos

skeletales:    Yellow Ginko Tree Leaves in Washington DC by Paul Frederiksen

great pics: Yellow Ginko Tree Leaves in Washington DC Again! The first Ginko tree I remember seeing was in DC! Love these trees!

Welcome to the planet Nothing. A world without no colour, no war, and lots of rules. There are guards called Plasmas which either eat or murder people who go against the government. Only heroes can stop them and get Nothing's colour back...to get back it's real name Xeno. It's not always been boring. Only fate decides for the heroes, the effect...the rebels who will save the planet.

Landscape Photographer of the Year 2011 winners

Looking up at the top of the trees. Love the path of space that's created where no tree branches are. Art by nature.

These 50 Photos From The Past Are Shocking And Hilarious. I Can't Believe How Things Have Changed...

"The Last Kiss" WWII - Departure of the “Amerigo Vespucci” Egypt, 1963 - Who is the photographer?

Top 10 Most Amazing Black And White Photos

Top 10 Most Amazing Black And White Photos

This photograph was taken at a very interesting angle with the sunlight shining through. The black and white of the photograph directs the focus to the woman. Photo Gothic Quarters, Barcelona de Frank van Haalen (via