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cute emo boy | Tumblr

Jace}} "I really like him and he likes me too but I don't know what we are" I frown slightly "I just wanna cuddle"


Dear Cute Guys, Go to my school please. Sincerely, Loner Girl With No Cute Guys At Her School.

"† INSANLY CUTE INDIE SCENE GUYS †" by xxxhellopeachxx on Polyvore

Why are there no cute guys like this in my town?everyone here is like a cowboy or a thug. There are literally like two cute "scene" guys where I live and we don't even go to the same school-_-

Can you be my Batman?<3

His Batman shirt ! XD I just can imagine him asking me can I be your Batman?

Get ur 3D glasses on

HEYO names Josh im 19 and the son of the Queen of hearts I'd say I'm not like my mom but I have a younger sister jinx and my twin brother jacob