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Let me in!!

We have a door just like this into the livingroom that we keep closed and Meiko does this exact same thing. he jumps the door and climbs it reminiscent to diddy kong and then squawks loudly at us to let him in haha


Cat laying in a sunny window: Solar recharge - Give your friends a smile: share this!

In Ancient Egypt, cats were worshipped. ...

In Ancient Egypt, Cats were considered GODS! CATS have not forgotten this! Boy- isn't That the Truth?) lol, but I still ♥ my cats Tabby & Zeeber all the same!

Love it! ... Brought to you in part by StoneArtUSA.com ~ affordable custom pet memorials since 2001

NUTMEG THE CAT, 31-YEARS OLD CAT: The World Oldest Living cat

Baby bunnies are also called kittens...so this mama cat is not too far off with these babies...

Caring For Cats and How To Take Care Of Cats With Love And Attention.

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Oh I love that. I'll pin it.did I already pin it? Oh well, I'll pin it again.

així mateix!

Cat logic: if you're working on it, then I must sit on it.