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Coffee with cinnamon

Surprising Health Benefits Of Drinking Coffee It is estimated that 100 million people in America consume coffee on a daily basis. If you are a coffee lover, then there is good news for you.

Musique pour la route

The beauty of music -- latte art.music, coffeeshop atmosphere, a book and a cup of your favorite!

Когда вкусный кофе ещё и красиво оформлен, это становится блаженством

Best price Aerolatte Cappuccino Art Stencils lets you turn any cup of coffee into a work of art. Set of 6 stencils: star, winkey face, heart, leaf, swirl and

Good morning :)

Latte& make me feel special and happy and warm. They are a must have treat whenever I make it out of my little town and to a place that can actually make a good coffee.

My Thoughts As Lizzy

Good morning friends, what a fun board yesterday, thank you.Its real cold here and for many of you, so let's warm up with hot drinks.Coffee tea and cocoa.I'll have mine with lots of whip