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10 Undercut Tattoos You *Need* to Try ASAP

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I love this lotus flower undercut design! So symbolic of Buddhism and ive had my hair undercut before. Lotus flower undercut design in my hair! By Kelli at Kelz Beauty

Tatuajes a golpe de maquinilla

This woman has an undercut. Check out 12 other different types of haircuts.

13 Different Types of Haircuts

While last year Kylie Jenner was solely responsible for the gold leaf hair tattoo trend, this year it's all about the hidden hair tattoo.

Flower undercut by Dennis Joseph

40 Smashing Undercut Hair Tattoos You Don't Have But Should

El nuevo ARRIESGADO corte de pelo para las mujeres

El nuevo ARRIESGADO corte de pelo para las mujeres

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undercut girl

10 Tatuajes undercut que te harán correr con tu estilista

This list of 45 intriguing undercut hairstyles with hair tattoos for women with short or long hair should definitely give you some pretty good ideas overall.