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Rabbit hutches can be built in many ways depending on the plans that are used. Here are several rabbit hutch ideas and designs to use for your DIY project.

Amish Rabbit Hutch - Beige  I want to get brylee a bunny

Amish Rabbit Hutch - Beige

Single Duratemp Rabbit Hutch measures wide by deep. Standard features include a rear box door, vinyl coated wire, door on run area, silver tech roof sheathing, lifetime architectural shingles and paint. Each rabbit hutch is hand-c

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Easter + 8 year old daughter = Rabbit. So today I built a hutch from some scrap wood I had in the garage with the assistance of the afore mentioned daughter. Rabbit investigates new home.

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New and used * * * * * Chicken Coop/rabbit Hutch Plan # 3 * * * * * up for sale. Buy and sell * * * * * Chicken Coop/rabbit Hutch Plan # 3 * * * * * on FindTarget Auctions online auction site.

Idea para construir una casa para animales con madera reciclada

Trixie Natura Rabbit Hutch with Wheels - Rabbit Hutches at Rabbit Cage Source

Want to keep rabbit for meats or pet? You need to build a rabbit hutch. Here's a collection of 50 free DIY rabbit hutch plans and ideas.

50 Free DIY Rabbit Hutch Plans & Ideas to Get You Started Keeping Rabbits

Free DIY Woodworking Plans for Building a Rabbit Hutch: Free Rabbit Hutch Plan at Simply Easy DIY

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double rabbit hutch - Google Search

Just curious who else is living super frugal

--someone else said--Cool rabbit hutch. I'm planning a long, 5 across, double stacked, slope disposal system with a compost, worm bed combination

Keeping rabbits over your compost pile--heat for the rabbits, which in turn fuel your compost pile. ;)

"Raising rabbits right over the compost pile. Warmth for the bunnies, easy access for the gardener to fabulous compost." Great article on raising chickens, rabbits, ducks for the benefit of the garden.

LOVE the idea of repurposing furniture to make a hutch, would def need to be part of a much larger set up tho

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