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Amazing story about baby koala's life in pictures

Amazing story about baby koala's life in pictures.I need pet Koala babies

The El Paso Zoo has two more mouths to feed, albeit very tiny ones. Extremely rare twin pygmy slow lorises were born April 26 and are finally making their media debut. The male and female babies were about the weight of two tablespoons of sugar when they were born. The nocturnal slow loris is on the vulnerable list of endangered species.

Pygmy slow loris twins look very cute while on display at the El Paso Zoo in Texas.

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While shooting some photographs in a woods, this man found a small squirrel freezing in the cold, with no mother or home in sight. He knew he just couldn't let him stay out there on his own. So, he scooped the little guy up, took him home and took part in the most adorable recovery process

This is the most precious thing! I love seeing other pictures of families that have adopted/rescued baby squirrels. But I have a soft spot for squirrels, seeing that I too have rescued/adopted one.

Pygmy slow loris eating watermelon:

This is a pygmy slow loris. They might just be the most creepy-cute animals alive. This one likes watermelon.

Very funny :) / iFunny :)

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4 cute animal facts

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And now... at last - Sonya!!!! (slow loris)

sonia the slow loris loves being tickled. don't lieeee u know ur melting on the inside lol