pusheen with balloons

I'm literally obsessed with Pusheen!😍😍 I mean srsly to be honest if u don't like Pusheen then u need to get ur life together!


My kitty likes bags, too! But, she doesn't eat pancakes, pizza or ice cream.

Pusheen Cat loves noodles

10 Hacks to Make Your Bowl of Ramen Even Better

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Pusheen the cat

Pusheen Thanksgiving

i could not wait till Autumn to post this cos this is literally me. and we don't even have thanksgiving in England!

Let's face it: If you were following your heart, being true to YOU, a "cleanse" would look like this:

What A Juice Cleanse Is REALLY Like

Fluffy. Grey. Kitty...

Happy Mew Year ~ Happy New Year! ~ disco dance party with Pusheen the Cat