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Oh my word, the only things I want out of life. A passport, a journal, and a camera. Go explore.

My life without any sense of direction but I know where I'm going (deep way deep)

I have to believe this is true. When I tell some people what I want to do, they talk to me like a lost child. I am not lost, I am just not tied to convention. Love this Tolkien quote

tylerphenes: “tylerphenes: “There’s nothing better than spending time in the mountains with friends. ” This was one of my favorite experiences.

Jet Set: Travel Must-Haves

Jet Set: Tips for Stress-free ( Stylish) Family Travel. Cool tip when travelling to Nevis, don't forget skin-so-soft for mosquitos

Reise plannieren Kaffee Bücher Atlas

Reise plannieren Kaffee Bücher Atlas

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I love the idea of an adventure jar on your wedding day.get guests to come up with adventures to have as a married couple. Then pick one out of the jar when u fancy one!

Afraid to go caving... how about you're curious about caving!  Sign up for an Ultimate Adventure Summer Camp with Adventure Links! #curious #summer camp www.adventurelinks.net

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Visual Inspirations: Episode 021

Fly away. Photo idea - passport stamps looking out airplane window

“ Travel plans 2016  Thanks @chinocen for the hand model assist.  Use my @danielwellington code "itchban" for 15% off at danielwellington.com…”

Behold, the ultimate pre-travel checklist. Make sure your passport doesn’t expire soon. Many countries will not permit travelers to enter the country unless their passports will remain valid

lady of shallott

summer boat fort Nieddu Mundell Mundell if we have a big enough pond or lake on property I vote we have boat fort camping/worship/races/storytime/whatever else we can do in boat forts!