Marching Band 'Problems'... follow the link, they're all funny.

Yeah cause the nonband cool kids always try to fit in with the band nerds NOT. Except we adopted Standage ;

OkAY FIRST of ALL we are NOT GEEKS we are INTELLIGENT INTELLECTUALS, SECOND OF ALL MARCHING BAND IS NOT some CLUB where people walk around playing INSTRUMENTS, IT is the sport that you can only PLAY if you are SMART and TALENTED, and also, DO YOU WANT  TO  DIE?!?!?

I just started band camp and it's probably the best and worst thing to ever happen to me

My ligature

This totally happened to a flute player! The cap from the flute mouthpiece fell off on the field and then we found it the flute player was saved the flute was saved.

Marching Band Problems

When practice ends later than it should. Heck practice is always supposed to end at 9 but we never end up leaving until at least