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Using a weapon against your brothers and sisters, even if it is for protection, will never ever make you good, just the opposite.

There's something terribly wrong here ! Last year, 153 Canadian children…

lol Hip Hop Digital Underground

Using lyrics from old school & rap, artist Mark Drew created this funny mash-up, entitled Deez Nuts. The Australian-born, Tokyo-based artist painted la

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You'll Never Guess Who Paid For This Pro-Marriage-Equality Billboard In North Carolina

The billboard Reads: “Missiongathering Christian Church is sorry for the narrow-minded, judgmental, deceptive, manipulative actions of those who DENIED rights and equality TO so many in the Name of God.

Wednesday Potpourri: Gabby Giffords Ad, Trayvon Martin Updates & Posters...We Got Posters!

Infographic: Fixing Gun Background Checks - Center for American Progress

10 More Random Interesting Facts- but, what about the green man?????

20 Fun Facts To Kick Off The Week interesting Funny fun facts Awesome fun fact awesome

The humpty dance is your chance to do the hump.... the humpty hump

The humpty dance is your chance to do the hump. the humpty hump

Das das trotz der vielen Strichen noch so realistisch aussieht

[Interesting technique] Faces by Vince Low - what a cool way to draw with pen. ive done a similar idea, but never for a face.

The Sandy Hook Elementary School children and adults who will only smile in Heaven. Pray for the families. Remember the victims, not the shooter. PLEASE REPIN THIS TO YOUR BOARD WITH THE MOST FOLLOWERS #203strong

"God bless" these sweet little children and the educators of Sandy Hook Elementary School. May they rest in peace, away from the SHERE EVIL that ripped them from life!