Prescient Offices,© Hedrich Blessing Photographers

Gallery of Prescient Offices / Perkins+Will - 7

Image 7 of 16 from gallery of Prescient Offices / Perkins+Will. Photograph by Hedrich Blessing Photographers

Imagen 1 de 23 de la galería de Restaurante Usine / Richard Lindvall. Fotografía de Mikael Axelsson

Galería de Restaurante Usine / Richard Lindvall - 1

Usine Stockholm - this space used to be a sausage factory, then a tax agency. Now transformed into conference spaces, a café, a bistro by Richard Lindvall

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Galería de Analog Folk / DH Liberty - 1

MASISA Melamina es un tablero recubierto por ambas caras por láminas decorativas impregnadas con resinas melamínicas con atractivos diseños y diferentes texturas.

What is MASISA Melamine? MASISA Melamine is a PB* or MDF** coated on both sides with decorated paper sheets, impregnated with melamine resins, which gives them a totally closed pore-free surface, which is hard and resistant to surface wear

Gallery of 9GAG Office / LAAB Architects - 6

Gallery of 9GAG Office / LAAB Architects - 6

Sede principal de Personetics,© Yoav Gurin

Galería de Sede principal de Personetics / Roy David Studio - 9

Geometría suspendida © Amit Geron

Bulthaup Showroom TLV / Pitsou Kedem Architects

Bulthaup Showroom TLV / Pitsou Kedem Architects "Reference to ceiling lighting groups with reference to bronze / timber screen design in Pool corridor" - JH