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You REALLY are of 5D or Beyond

You REALLY are of 5D or Beyond

Cosmic energy meditation benefits cosmic orbit,cosmic person daily cosmic events,in a cosmic sort of way yes what is cosmic energy in hindi.

Channelings and Spirit Messages

The Pyramids of Light ~ The Pyramid Over Antarctica

The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network : The Elders August Transmission ~ The Gateway.

@solitalo   Amados hijos del Universo Estelar, los abrazamos en la energía cósmica desde la más elevada frecuencia vibracional y venimos a entregarles un mensaje de hermandad, cooperación y am…

#NUEVO Colectivo de Voces de la Galaxia: “Somos los misioneros de la comunicación con Tera” a través de Solange Marín



OPEN THE FLOW TO YOUR SOUL - VIDEO -- So often the Goddess speaks of aligning with your Divinity and receiving information, support or balance. During this channel, she speaks very specifically about the cord that links you as a human, to your higher self and then your soul.

Open the Flow to Your Soul - Video

Ascension Help offers free self-clearing techniques to empower you to heal yourself by healing your mind

Dear Ones, Today we wish to address the fears of those who closely follow astrological predictions. Just as you are shifting, so too are the stars, constellations, planets and the totality of the Universes – including what certain planet movements mean for you personally. Some astrologers have moved beyond the astrology of yesterday. Others have not. The most telling sign is that those who predict doom and gloom have retained 3D predictions even if they have shifted to 5D.

All Structures – Including Astrology – are Shifting

Saint Germaine  <3 Ascended Master of the 7th Ray: Ceremonial Magic & Transmutation & the Violet Flame <3<3

Saint Germaine Ascended Master of the Ray: Ceremonial Magic & Transmutation & the Violet Flame

A pair of scientists — Dr. Yin of Bejing’s Tsinghua University and Dr. Li of Indiana’s Perdue University — have proposed what they believe to be a plausible method of observing a living organism in two places at once. (source) According to Dr. Li: Although it has attracted enormous interest, no quantum superposition state of an organism […]

Physicists To Put One Large Physical Object In Two Places At The Same Time ~~Collective Evolution~~ Fascinating!



You know how someone comes up to you and tells you all about their latest project or experience, maybe a trip they took?