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“Can we just have a moment of silence and appreciate Tao’s thighs ”


Am I the only one who thinks Tao looks like Ren?

Tao ♥ - 141005 SMTown Live World Tour IV in Tokyo

Tao (EXO-M, solo artist). Can someone explain why he has a frigging phone in his pocket while onstage?

tao ~ He's a rather elegant boy. But I've seen his moves so don't tell him I said that.

Gonna miss this guy, but I wish him luck with his new life.

Pretty Tao

Tao never looked so sexy~! keke fabulous Tao strikes again~!

tumblr_myl0e7M01Y1rz948yo1_500.png (500×701)

Tao is sooooo perfect! Oh my gosh like ughhhhhhh so perfect!