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Photo Credit: Michael Cummings - I see you

Gatos comiendo Tomates: Foto

The picture is similar to one of the previous ones but this time he has the tongue out in a cool fashion, that makes him more funny and very cute! Taken at the zoo of Zürich.



Lindo demais!

so like my own wolf, Bob.

Be careful, I'm watching you, or at least I was.  Maybe I'll just take a wee nap now.

The Stylish Gypsy (beautiful-wildlife: Wolf by Walter Vorbeck)

wolveswolves:  By McKenzie Greenly

wolves: By McKenzie Greenly


Gray Wolf - Those eyes!


Wolves Photograph by Joshua McCullough




Two beautiful wolves in the snow.


༻⚜༺ GS ༻⚜༺ Such beautiful, misunderstood animals. Only God can restore this Earth to what it should be.

lonestray: Romeo (at Wolf People)

Romeo (at Wolf People)

.Very exotic looking wolf.

sisterofthewolves: “ Picture by Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center This is two pictures of Akela, a wolf at Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center. In the first picture she is 1 year old and in the second.

-Los lobos a quienes no se hace justicia, la toman por sí mismos más pronto o más tarde.

((Open)) I walked through the woods in a wolf's body. I only had an hour so I better use it wisely. I sat down and howled for my new wolf friend, Star, until I heard a noise. I stood up and looked around, snarling.

Collegamento permanente dell'immagine integrata

Alice Giraud on

fawndeviney: Wolf Hollow for Northshore Magazine