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Lights of the void

Experiment on refraction, reflection and movement. Music by the great Philip Glass

Some cute D&P fan art

Oml I'm dying, save me, Dan actually liked this phan❤️ Art😱

Philip Johnson Glass House, New Canaan - Connecticut

Tiny Texas Micro Home Sits on 24 Acres of Lakeside Property

Philip Johnson Glass House, New Canaan - Connecticut. My Dad's family company built this house and lots more projects for Philip Johnson.

Philip Jackson

Philip Jackson Sculptor : Sculpture by Philip Jackson : Small Works

Un artista muy interesante por analizar; camaleónico y explorador de muchas plataformas de expresión artística como la pintura, la música, la escultura y la instalación. Pionero del minimalismo junto con sus compatriotas Donal Judd, Philip Glass o Robert Morris, en el que reducen al mínimo posible los elementos en su plataforma de expresión en aras …

Walter De María, del minimalismo al land art

Famous Faces and Frames Made With Sticks And Sunglasses. This one is Johnny Depp.

Photographer Philip Karlberg created a unique sunglasses shoot for Plaza Magazine, sculpting famous faces by using clever lighting and carefully arranged wooden pins. The wooden pin are sparingly used