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Favorite Books By Internet Celebrities

lots of essay writing and library time for finals bookstore downtown Jessica Janae photogrpahy

<3 vendo uma linda leitura <3

"You're always reading or studying or hiding in a bookstore or library." He said with a curious look. "I like to write so I tend to read a lot to learn different writing styles or just for pure pleasure. As for hiding, it's nice to get away from the noise

El museo de la inocencia, Orhan Pamuk

El museo de la inocencia, Orhan Pamuk

Coco Rocha

Coco Rocha with books. Photograph by Karl Lagerfeld. Impulse Only at Macy’s collection. September The limited edition collection is reminiscent of the designer’s signature style.



Design a room in my house to be like a small bookstore, so you can get lost/hide amongst the bookshelves. Have comfy chairs scattered throughout

I love the smell of bookstores and libraries. They always smell a little sweet yet musty because of all of the ink and paper that are on their shelves, waiting to be opened and read again and again.

Senior Portrait @Brielle M. Ferreira M. Ferreira

Leaving cert art history marking scheme for essay Sellars essays in philosophy and its history its poetry essay on child labour for asl Isaac I'm heading out to judge a district FFA ag issues contest at Star Academy.