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Maduncle | Euchronia - a steampunk / neo-Victorian Years End Ball in Melbourne Australia

I wonder what all the bells n whistles accomplish. I'm a very practical steampunk: it ain't about aesthetic, honey!

Steampunk mnion

itty bitty steampunk diver--- if you look close. looks like a mini minion!

Steampunk Workstation Is a Victorian Crapper for Keyboard Tappers (I guess pipes and fans are also steampunk. And whistles. Giant ones. This looks like it belongs in an HG Wells story. I'm not sure how I'd do with those Morlocks even if I was sitting on a potty when I first saw them.)

Gallery: Steampunk Workstation Is a Victorian Crapper for Keyboard Tappers

Steampunk Time Machine Antique Master Bathroom Computer Workstation I offten feel guilty with a book or magazine .

Steampunk book stand...:

designer Art Donovan - Designer Art Donovan creates a collection of steampunk-inspired lamps and lighting solutions. Steampunk is a science fiction sub-genre that is f.

<3 a steampunk Lamp ?


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Backdoor lamp from recycled/ repurposed materials

Backdoor lamp from recycled/ repurposed materials


You would not want to get on the wrong side of this robot gunslinger and his pet rattlesnake — or it would end very badly for you. This is "The Rustslinger," one of two great new robot sculptures from Vincent Villafranca.


Steampunk Brandy Muller/Cigar Holder

Steampunk Brandy Muller/Cigar Holder ---- I saw this on a friend's board, but it only linked to the photo (WTH?) So I re-linked it to the entire site (of really interesting objects).