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How to Build a Multipurpose Garage Storage Station

How to Build a Multipurpose Garage Storage Station - Wilker Do's -- A workshop is filled with so many small items that can quickly turn into clutter. Build a storage station to keep hardware, spray bottles and more neatly tucked away.

Rag storage.  Take a small garbage can. Cut a hole about the size of your hand at the bottom. Bolt it to the side of an overhead cabinet. Throw all your rags in there and pull them out one-by-one from the bottom when you need them.

Garage rags or in laundry room with house rags :) Making and Organizing Cleaning Rags - 150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas and Projects for the Entire Home

faceting machine - Google Search

faceting machine - Google Search



January 2-Plumb line points to where I need to focus.  Show me shrines that need to be smashed.   Illusions of safety.   -Amos 7

Turn your key chain laser pointer into a plumb bob. Replace the key chain with mason’s line or other light string and hold the button down with a zip tie. Hang the laser as you would a plumb bob and mark right on the laser dot.

Using A Dremel To Carve Designs Into Wooden Furniture That Is Already Scuffed Or Damaged That You Find For Cheap At Thrift Or Yard Sale! Imagine If You Burned Inside The Cuts?! Then Finished It?!  Could Be Really Cool!!!

Using a dremel to carve designs into wooden furniture that is already scuffed or damaged that you find for cheap at thrift or yard sale! Imagine if you burned inside the cuts? Then finished it? If only I could draw with a dremel