Princess Diana

1985 03 29 Diana at the Cynthia Spencer House Hospice, Manfield Health Campus in Northampton

Lily Lemontree: THE ROYAL PARADE: The Royals Are True Mad Hatters!

Princess Diana and her famous hats. Hats came back in the and Diana was one of the most famous style icons

Princesa en evolución,,,,

Dedicated to HRH Prince Henry of Wales, his family and also with a hint of other royal families.

younger new princess di:

29 October Charles & Diana visited towns in Wales. Diana wore an aubergine velvet suit over a white silk blouse w/ a heavily frilled collar. The skirt is generously flared and the jacket close-fitted.

Royal Family Around the World: Princess Diana's favourite tiara: Cambridge Lover's Knot tiara

Princess Diana 1983

Princess Diana 1983


HRH Diana, Princess of Wales wore twisted strands of pearls during a 1985 visit to Sicily. Her pink ensemble is by Catherine Walker except the pink felt hat, which is by John Boyd.