My Southern Memories-firefly lit nights

Firefly Forest, England I love this picture! The navys and blacks give it a dark tone while the fireflies are little pops of light.

Yellow autumn light

Polish forests by Jerzy Grzesiak. Walk in the woods in the sunshine This is watership down

The Stage is Set >> I used to dream of being a set designer and this is why... WOW, so beautiful! by augusta

To suggest its a "world of the play" through the genreic stage curtains with the eerie, vast backdrop

by wyldraveln. S)

Gothic - mysterious stormy night of the full moon bat flying over full moon rising above clouds, black white gray photographs

Ilya Repin - Moonlight - 1896

Landscape oil painting,figurative painting,moon in painting,Painting by Ilya…

When I was growing up, my favorite spot on the farm was a big gatepost that I would sit on. It was a perfect spot to watch the sun go down:)

This is sweet.I need be secure with myself in my life .and know that everything in the end will be better than what I thought it would.god loves me and he will make this work for me

State of Being

Liminal Moment by Bobblayers, each time laying the paper down on the heated plate. In the final stage she often paints back into the image with a oil paint and a brush. Japanese washi paper used for this process, then matt and frame them under glass.