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《マンガ・ポッド》 | アトリエ・ワン:マイクロ・パブリック・スペース

《マンガ・ポッド》 | アトリエ・ワン:マイクロ・パブリック・スペース


Built-in bookcases add not only plenty of character and storage; they can actually create more space in a home and make it seem much larger. Moreover, built-ins look tidier and.

Icelandic Mountain Meadow Retreat

cool 20 Lonely Houses Landscapes To Recover Your Soul We are a majority to live in a city nowadays, but we all dream of some small comfortable house or cottage to escape from this world of concrete and s.


Kansas City Library (Missouri, USA)-The Kansas City Public Library system consists of a central library, nine branches, and an outreach services program serving a constituency of over in Kansas City, Missouri.

ずっと本を読んでいたくなる、世界の美しい図書館・書斎20選 | BUZZAP!(バザップ!)

Benoit-Jamin-and-Isabelle-Puech-Parisian-Loft *love library & spiral staircase [maybe not lower bookcase; but have upper level reading nook]

『高台家の人々』海の見えるモダンな洋館 | CINEmadori シネマドリ | 映画と間取りの素敵なつながり

『高台家の人々』海の見えるモダンな洋館 | CINEmadori シネマドリ | 映画と間取りの素敵なつながり