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The Shambles inYork, England. Wasn't this quiet when I visited the shambles x


24 Hours in York, England

24 Hours in York, England

24 Hours in York, EnglandGoing on wednesday! We dont have 24 hours, though!

The Crooked House of Windsor.  Crooked House, ovvero "la Casa Storta", edificio, costruito nel 1592, che ai passanti sembra essere sempre sul punto di crollare. La casa ha infatti una particolare inclinazione su un lato, dovuta ad un errore commesso durante una ristrutturazione nel ‘700, ovvero all'uso di quercia verde non stagionata. Un errore di valutazione che ha garantito tuttavia a quel piccolo edificio tutta la notorietà che altrimenti non avrebbe avuto.

The Crooked House of Windsor - The Oldest Teahouse in England - This is wonderful, isn't it? It is a free-standing building too. (Content in a Cottage) I grew up in a crooked house in Windsor, CA!

The Shambles at night, York, North Yorkshire, England

The Shambles, York, England.amazing walking around this city in the early morning

York is a far too good a city simply to pass through: ensure you make the most of it by taking our 'Two Vales' route.

travelbinge: “ The north-west tower of York minster - England, UK by Paolo Margari York, North Yorkshire, England ”

College Street York

College Street York

Photos of York Minster

14 Stunning Images to Make You Want to Visit York, England

York is a beautiful historic city in the north of England, with a stunning cathedral, York Minster. Here are some images of York to inspire you to visit the United Kingdom!

The Shambles, York, England, UK

The Shambles, York, England, UK is a town with many medieval streets and oh so many lovely tearooms.

There are so many places in England, Scotland and Wales that I long to see.  The Shambles, York, England

The Shambles, York, England--so much fun to go shopping. It's called the Shambles because the old buildings look like they are falling in on each other when you look down the street. Lots of shops!

The Shambles - an old street in York, England, UK, with overhanging timber-framed buildings, some dating back as far as the fourteenth century. In some sections of the Shambles, it is possible to touch both sides of the street with your arms outstretched. The architecture which now appears so quaint had a very practical purpose. The overhanging timber-framed fronts of the buildings are deliberately close-set so as to give shelter to the ‘wattle and daub’ walls below.

The Shambles, York, North Yorkshire. "The oldest street in York is mentioned in the Doomsday Book of 1086 and In the late century was known for its number of butchers. The meat would hang in the shadows of the overhanging buildings away from the sun.

New York City in the 1970s. World Trade Center.#worldtradecenter

wandrlust: “ World Trade Center, New York City, October, 1975 — Jean-Pierre Laffont “ Two homeless men squat in the shadow of the recently completed World Trade Center. New York City was on the verge.