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A few years ago I was lucky enough to interview a then aspiring mecha designer by the name of Junji Okubo. At that point his work included games like Tekki (aka Steel Battalion) and the Gundam rema…

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Scorpion Workhorse, and a reliable one at that. Part of the series of concepts done for an unannounced turn-based strategy by Void Alpha.

Tor "Snefer" Frick´s art : Highpoly update +100k visitors!

Did some more work on the underside and steering area of the vehicle, and general decal/material/detail pass. Very few areas left untouched.





Black Rhino MBT by MrJumpManV4

Here are the three black rhino variants with offensive capabilities, listed in order from left to right they are the: PFV (primary fighting vehicle), MG.

elysium concept art mercenaries - Поиск в Google

These flying drones scour the planets surface for veins of precious resources close to the surface