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Revolver Ring is a seriously small gun

Steampunk Spy-Fi: Real-life gadgets perfect for a Victorian Era James Bond Ring Gun: This century French ring concealed a tiny gun capable of firing six bullets. Its name, quite appropriately, was "Le Petite Protector.

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Seriously, who dresses like that, other than to pose for a "cute country girl" photo? if I saw a Buckle girl holding a gun, I'd f*g run.

nothing like that scent on a crisp fall morning. husband just finished building his dream long gun. and sighting it in. hes worked a long time and is really happy w/ his muzzleloader. I DO love the smell of blackpowder ANY time of day.

the best aromatherapy - LOVE the smell of gun powder in the morning air.

Tactical Hand Signals - preparation for the Zombie appocalypse

Tactical Hand Signals - preparation for the Zombie appocalypse How to prepare for zombie apocalypse?

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Blade Runner Blaster replica - PRO Police model - produced by Tomenosuke - all…