davidstenbrink:  http://sanchiko.deviantart.com/

By Sanchiko // DeviantART mech warrior robot machine sci-Fi Science fiction concept art.

The Sovereign Archives

The Sovereign Archives

rhubarbes: “ArtStation - Titanfall - Militia, by chang-gon shin More robots here.

elementi apribili per temperatura


her right arm (half-way up her forearm) is robotic after she survived a terrible car crash that killed her little brother and greatly injured her mom (Hilda)

sciencefictionfuture: by Phelan A.

Some fantastic shapes here, the helmet, the blade on the arm, the plating on the shoulders, the bulky breast plate. Great stuff.

DECIMAL Concept ArtOrb Interactive released some of the concept art behind their upcoming action real-time strategy game, . In this sci-fi ARTS/MOBA game, players will control a single squa

Teczka 2D .: Omen2501 :. v6.0

Need one more inspiration for tonight? Don't miss the amazing art of Marek Okon, who's recently worked on The Last of Us, Jupiter Ascending, Star Wars the


Amazing Futuristic Military Gear Art - Deployment Unit 023

Deployment Unit 023 sci-fi concept art created in Zbrush, Vray & Photoshop by concept artist Fausto De Martini of Califo.