SteamPunk Girl

SteamPunk Girl

Wedding Dress Fantasy - Blue Wedding Dress - Available in Every Color 22, $999.00 (

Blue Wedding Dress - Available in Every Color 22

Modern Cinderella is it that a pair of shoes can make a person drool...literally!   Christian Louboutin Impera Pumps

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As a massive fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean...I fell in love with Elizabeth Swann's wedding dress in Dead Man's Chest. Absolutely stunning. Just as stunning as the beautiful Keira Knightley wearing it.

48 Of The Most Memorable Wedding Dresses From The Movies

Wedding Dress Fantasy - Burgundy Wedding Dress, $779.00 (

Burgundy Wedding Dress

Disney princess Steampunk style

Fashion/Disney Steampunk style Inspiration Someday Imma make Leigh and Myself steampunk disney princess costumes :p