~~Dahlia Ronaldo by Visionspictures~~ Perfect for a tattoo ... love these colors too

Dahlia Dahlia Sp Ronaldo Variety Flower Art Print by VisionsPictures

Black Dahlia Flower/Arabian Nights Dahlia - Could be a great wedding flower


Lilac bouquet in white ironstone pitcher. Can't wait to smell lilacs in the spring ;

✯ Pink Dahlia and several other colors...fresh on Thursdays...straight from the supplier!! call for details

Pink Dahlia flower - Great picture for making a fondant flower for the top of a cupcake!

Eucalyptus Leaves 1 - Botanical Still Life

Eucalyptus Leaves 1 - Botanical Still Life

I love their little round leaves. Professionally printed upon order. My photographs are professionally printed with archival ink

Razão de viver....

Lavender Dahlias Flowers Garden Love I am doing Dahlias in Ella's flowers so if you like the shape and look let me know.I am totally in love with them!

Dahlia ~ Dahlia's are sturdy flowers native to Mexico. The colors of these beauties are vast! They can be multi-colored or range from light to dark (white to purple & everything in between). They are plentiful in summer & fall.

My Favorite Dynamic Dahlia by Stephen Swihart #flower #florainspirations #floratextures #nature #inspiration bykoket.com/home.php


Stephen D. Swihart - Nikon Digital SLR Camera : My Favorite Dynamic Dahlia

Pink Semi-Dinnerplate Dahlia Kogana Fubuki, Dahlia, Decorative Semi-Dinnerplate Dahlia

Kogana Fubuki Semi Dinner Plate Dahlia

Pink Semi-Dinnerplate Dahlia "Kogana Fubuki", Dahlia, Decorative Semi-Dinnerplate Dahlia - 2016 - Needs FULL SUN. Blooms Mid-Summer to Frost.